Installation of Observation 95, 1991/2013 at Kettles Yard

The MATERIAL LIGHT EXHIBITION is hosted at the SRISHTI OUTPOST, MILL HALL COMPOUND, MATTANCHERY, KOCHI, KERALA, INDIA and is a collateral event of the Kochi Muziris Biennale

15.03.17 – 24.03.17

Rather than causing the death of analogue photography, the dominance of digital media has recently increased interest in analogue and historical processes amongst image makers and artists. 

MATERIAL LIGHT explores the fallout from the collision of these two worlds through the work of a wide range of artists for whom the photographic image, either digital or analogue, is the main point of departure.

The exhibition includes installations, prints, film and video by 15 artists from the UK, India, and elsewhere. MATERIAL LIGHT has previously been shown in London and Belgrade and includes work from the host countries of previous exhibitions. Please see the Material Light website for full details of current and previous contributors. 

Participating artists:

Mia Cuk and Alia Zaparova / Serbia/Russia
Tereza Zelenkova / Czek Rebublic
Natasha Ranganath & Nandini Bhotika / India
Ajit Bhadoriya / India
Armenoui Kasparian Saraidari / Greece/Armenia
Slobodan Stosic / Serbia
David Blackmore / Ireland
Jonathan Michael Ray / UK
Jack Hirons / UK
Tahire Lal / India
Allan Parker / UK
Andre Pinkowski / Germany
Sophy Rickett / UK
Nihaal Faizal / India