Eight artists, and six writers were invited to produce work in response to an object of their choice in Southwark’s Coming Collection.

 Quoted from the press release:

“Animal Vegetable Mineral takes as its starting point, a period in the recent history of the Cuming Museum Collection, where the objects were re-categorised according to their material constitution rather than their historical, geographical or social context.

Rickett was inspired by an object she discovered in a box labelled ‘Whale bone (baleen); a fragment of whale bone found in 1868, 15 feet below the surface of the road, in the city of London. The bone, according to the label, ‘exhibits tool marks’; deep welts etched into its surface which she experienced as wounds. 

Rickett is interested in the legacy of different materialities including digital, physical, biological and psychological. Through the project, she continues to develop and expand upon a methodology where photographic representation oscillates between abstraction, metaphor and literal illustration.”