installing The Curious Moaning of Kenfig Burrows, Glynn Vivian Gallery, Feb 2017

installation of Objects in the Field, Breese Little Gallery, London 2015

Sophy Rickett works with photography, video installation and text, with much of her work exploring the tension between the narrative tendencies and abstract possibilities of the photographic image. 

Her works have a minimal quality, and often create spatial plays and ambiguities that draw attention to the material nature of the photograph rather than to the receding illusory space behind the picture plane. She is interested in the contingent nature of the documentary image, exploring ways of resisting its representational orthodoxy and privileging instead its inherent instability, often using misinterpretation as a deliberately provocative strategy, both in methodological and conceptual terms.

Sophy works with Bettina von Zwehl on their shared project Album 31.  Together with Ashley Amery, she is Director of White Wall Yellow Door. She is also a Senior Lecturer in Photography at the London College of Communication/ UAL.