Afterword (Polishing, Not Grinding), from the series objects in the field, 2012

Afterword (Polishing, Not Grinding) is a moving image work with sound. It features retired Institute of Astronomy scientist Dr Willstrop grinding a lens for the orchestra lighting rig at Kings College Chapel, Cambridge. He is using a technique he developed for the lenses in the Three Mirror Telescope, designed by Willstrop to a unique optical design which combines the three advantages of a wide field of view, very small sharp images, and all-reflection optics. The soundtrack to this monitor-based video work features a recording of Dr Willstrop reading a text by Sophy Rickett, that combines her encounter with Willstrop with other memory impressions relating to optics, vision and photography.



Afterword (Polishing, Not Grinding), 2012   

HD Video, with stereo sound. 14mins. Dimensions: variable